Dance-Pop / 流行舞曲

   流行舞曲是迪斯科的一种发展形式。她有着哒哒的节奏感、朗朗上口的旋律,较之纯粹的舞曲又多了一些完整的歌曲。流行舞曲主要是音乐制作人的一种方式。制作人写歌并组织这些曲子,挑选一位合适的歌手把它们演唱出来。这些唱歌名伶成为明星,但艺术视角却常常是伸向制作人。当然,麦当娜(Madonna )和珍妮-杰克逊(Janet Jackson )是主要的例外,她们很好地控制了唱片的音乐和方向,但是流行舞曲是一种关于形象的音乐,而不是物质上的。

Dance-Pop was an outgrowth of disco. Over a pounding, dance-club beat, there are simple, catchy melodies — dance-pop has more fully-formed songs than pure dance music. Dance-pop is primarily a producer's medium. The producer writes the songs and constructs the tracks, picking an appropriate vocalist to sing the song. These dance divas become stars, but frequently the artistic vision is the producer's. Naturally, there are some major exceptions — Madonna and Janet Jackson have had control over the sound and direction of their records — but dance-pop is music that is about image, not substance.